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Rotational Vacuum Concentrators RVC 2-18 CDplus

The rotational vacuum concentrator RVC 2-18 is recommended for fast analysis at the workplace. It is specially suitable for the fast concentration of DNA / RNA, protein samples and similar applications. With its versatile rotor programme a high sample capacity of e. g. 72 x 1.5 ml reaction vials can be handled. Remarkable is that drive system is operating without movable parts outside the rotation chamber. The user friendly LC display allows a fast recognition of all parameters.
  • Careful concentration of DNA / RNA, protein samples etc.
  • High sample capacity e. g. 72 x 1.5 ml reaction vials.
  • Shortest drying time due to condensing over high diameters.
  • Temperature stepplessly adjustable from + 30 to + 60 °C.
  • Timer from 5 Min to 12 h or infinitive.
  • Simple operation via intuitive menu structure.
  • The vacuum concentrator will be supplied ready for operation optional with a chemical resistant vacuum pump, end vacuum 10 mbar and suction capacity 2 m³ / h as well as all connection parts.
  • Supplied without rotors.
Technical Data:
Rotor speed:1500 min-1
Relative centrifugal acceleration:200 x g
Max. vacuum:< 0.1 mbar (depended on connected vacuum system)
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H):240 x 325 x 240 mm
Weight:14 kg
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 RVC 2-18 CDplus without pump systemwithout rotors and accessories42300601Login / Registration- 
 RVC 2-18 CDplus with pump systemcomplete system, without rotors42301191Login / Registration-
 RVC 2-18 CDplus without pump system, acid-proofwithout rotors and accessories42302281Login / Registration-