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Wolf Sanoclav 

Wolf Sanoclav
Laboratory Autoclaves

For the sterilisation in steam and water. Fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve, steam release valve, electrical heating, micro-controller for time and temperature with PT 100 sensor. (Free adjustable from 0 to 143 / 151 °C and from 1 min to 100 h)
La-MCS-203:3 bar = 143 °C
La-MCS-204:4 bar = 151 °C
La-VA-MCS:4 bar = 151 °C
fully automatic, with magnetic valve for automatic venting and pulsing vaporisation for liquids
Chamber:steel, enamelled
Cover:stainless steel
Volume:20 l
Inside size (Ø x H):260 x 400 mm
Outer size (D x W x H):360 x 390 x 530 mm
Weight:28 kg
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz / 1500 W
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* Safety closure only in combination with floating sensor PT 100.
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