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Package: Laboratory Freeze Dryer ALPHA 1-4 LSCplus

Universal freeze dryer with intuitive understandable unit control 'Lyo Screen Control LSC':
  • VGA-TFT colour display.
  • Graphical user interface with touchscreen.
  • Clear structured display of relevant process data.
  • Storage of up to 30 freeze drying programmes in tables (option).
  • WINDOWS based process control and documentation software is available.
  • Process B: separate freezing e. g. freeze dryer and drying outside the ice condenser chamber.
  • With 12 rubber valves, 5 heated shelves Ø = 200 mm for dish drying.
  • With vacuum control and rack heating for a fast and reproducible process.
  • GMP / GLP conform execution of the unit.
  • Complete equipped with vacuum pump (5.7 m³ / h suction).
  • Unit is air cooled.
  • The building-block principle allows procedural and capacity expansion with a far-reaching variety of accessories.
Technical Data:
Ice capacity:

4 kg
Ice compensation temperature:- 55 °C
Dimensions basic unit (W x D x H):390 x 555 x 415 mm
Weight:approx. 48 kg
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
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