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Grinding Balls for Grinding Bowls for PULVERISETTE 5 / PULVERISETTE 6 classic line

Order No.PU Availability
 Hardened st. steel1054297961Login / Registration-
 Hardened st. steel2054297971Login / Registration-
 Hardened st. steel3054297981Login / Registration-
 Hardened st. steel4054297991Login / Registration-
 Sintered corundum1057385521Login / Registration-
 Sintered corundum2057385621Login / Registration-
 Sintered corundum3057385721Login / Registration-
 Sintered corundum4057385821Login / Registration-
 Zirconium oxide1057385581Login / Registration-
 Zirconium oxide2057385681Login / Registration-
 Zirconium oxide3057385781Login / Registration-
 Zirconium oxide4057385881Login / Registration-
 Hardmetal tungsten carbide1057385541Login / Registration-
 Hardmetal tungsten carbide2057385641Login / Registration-
 Hardmetal tungsten carbide3057385741Login / Registration-
 Hardmetal tungsten carbide4057385841Login / Registration-
 Agate1057385511Login / Registration-
 Agate2057385611Login / Registration-
 Agate3057385711Login / Registration-
 Silicon nitride1057385591Login / Registration-
 Silicon nitride2057385691Login / Registration-
 Silicon nitride3057385791Login / Registration-
 Silicon nitride4057385891Login / Registration-
Grinding balls are also available in agate, sintered corundum and silicon nitride and in 0.1 to 3 mm (to achieve a fineness down into the nm range), as well as 5 and 15 mm (please see grinding balls for planetary mill PULVERISETTE 5 premium line).
Please ask about the recommended number of balls per grinding bowl.