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Grinding Bowls for Planetary Ball Mills for PULVERISETTE 5 / PULVERISETTE 6 classic line

With lid and seal ring.
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 Hardened st. steel80**15429793-Login / Registration 
 Hardened st. steel25015429794-Login / Registration 
 Hardened st. steel50015429795-Login / Registration 
 Sintered corundum80**15738512-Login / Registration 
 Sintered corundum25015738522-Login / Registration 
 Sintered corundum50015738532-Login / Registration
 Zirconium oxide80**15738518-Login / Registration
 Zirconium oxide25015738528-Login / Registration
 Zirconium oxide50015738538-Login / Registration
 Hardmetal tungsten carbide*80**15738514-Login / Registration
 Hardmetal tungsten carbide*25015738524-Login / Registration
 Adapter for grinding bowl 15738510-Login / Registration 
 Agate*80**15738511-Login / Registration 
 Agate*25015738521-Login / Registration 
 Agate*50015738531-Login / Registration
 Silicon nitride80**15738519-Login / Registration
 Silicon nitride*25015738529-Login / Registration
 Silicon nitride*50015738539-Login / Registration
* With steel casing.
** One grinding bowl holder can hold either 2 x 80 ml bowls or 1 x 80 ml bowl together with a grinding bowl adapter mounted one on top of the other.
Grinding bowls are also available in agate, sintered corundum and silicon nitride.
Special gassing lids for grinding in an inert atmosphere and for mechanical alloying as well as the GTM-system for measuring gas pressure and temperature during the grinding process are available.