VIS Spectrophotometer CECIL CE 1011

With Littrow monochromator. Bandwith 8 nm. Reproducibility 0.1 nm.
  • Ideal for training. Simple, favourable priced, well laid out.

Items supplied:
Spectrophotometer with single cuvette holder 10 mm, RS232 interface, instruction manual, short manual.
Technical Data:
Wavelength:325 to 1000 nm (VIS)
Measuring ranges:- 0.3 to 3.0 E
0 to 200 % T
0 to 9999 C
Straylight:< 0.5 % at 220 and 340 nm
Noise:0.0002 E at 500 nm
Baseline stability:0.001 E / H
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 VIS spectrophotometer CECIL CE 101115775500-on demand
 Single cuvette holder, 10 mm15775510-on demand
 Single cuvette holder, 20 / 40 mm15775511-on demand
 Single cuvette holder, 100 mm15775512-on demand
 SIP flow-through cuvette holder, 10 mm15775513-on demand
 SIP flow-through cuvette holder, 50 mm15775514-on demand
 Holder for solid samples or films, with thickness adjustment15775516-on demand
 Deuterium lamp (12 months / 1500 h guarantee)15775530-on demand
 Tungsten halogen lamp25775531-on demand
 Printer with connection cable15775533-on demand
Further models with UV / VIS on request!