Accessories for Metal Block Thermostats

  • Aluminium blocks with hole for thermometer or extern temperature sensor as well as holes for fastening the blocks on the solid aluminium heating plate.
  • Special blocks on request!
  • Option: aluminium blocks with scratch resistant hard-coating on request!
 DescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Aluminium block for 24 tubes 10 mm Ø15852435-Login / Registration
 Aluminium block for 24 tubes 12 mm Ø15852436-Login / Registration
 Aluminium block for 12 tubes 16 mm Ø15852437-Login / Registration
 Aluminium block for 12 tubes 19 mm Ø15852438-Login / Registration
 Aluminium block for 40 Eppendorf vials 0.5 ml15424656-Login / Registration
 Aluminium block for 24 Eppendorf vials 1.5 ml15852440-Login / Registration
 Aluminium block for 24 Eppendorf vials 2.0 ml15852441-Login / Registration
 Aluminium block without holes15852442-Login / Registration
 Extern temperature sensor PT100, type A15852443-Login / Registration
 Block removal rod15852444-Login / Registration
 Fixing screws for blocks15852445-Login / Registration
 Special key for fastening insert blocks15852446-Login / Registration