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Syringe Filters Minisart

Sartorius  Syringe Filters Minisart
Sartorius Syringe Filters Minisart
For sterile, particle-free, ultrapure filtration of small volumes of liquid up to approx. 100 ml. Colour coded pore sizes for ease of identification. Ready-to-use immediately.
  • With hydrophilic cellulose acetate membrane for minimum adsorption.
  • With female Luer-Lock inlet, male Luer slip outlet.
Sterile filtration:0.20 µm pore size
High purification:0.45 µm pore size
Ultrafiltration:1.20 µm pore size
Pre-filtration:5.00 µm pore size
 TypePore size
ColourVersionOrder No.PU Availability
 16534GUK0.2028blueGamma-sterile, individually packed542920550Login / Registration-
 16534K0.2028blueindividually sterile packed504910150Login / Registration-
 16534Q0.2028bluenon-sterile5049107500Login / Registration4
 16555K0.4528yellowindividually sterile packed504910250Login / Registration-
 16555Q0.4528yellownon-sterile5049108500Login / Registration12
 16592K0.8028greenindividually sterile packed504910350Login / Registration3
 16592Q0.8028greennon-sterile5049109500Login / Registration-
 17593K1.2028redindividually sterile packed504910450Login / Registration2
 17593Q1.2028rednon-sterile5049122500Login / Registration-
 17594K5.0028brownindividually sterile packed504910550Login / Registration-
 17594Q5.0028brownnon-sterile5049123500Login / Registration-
 17597K0.2028blueindividually sterile packed542150950Login / Registration-
 17598K0.4528yellowindividually sterile packed542151050Login / Registration-