Tubing Connectors

TPX. Transparent. High chemical and thermal resistance. Multiple autoclavable and can be used up to + 200 °C.
 TypeFor tubing
inside Ø
PUOrder No.in Stock 
 C-1, straight3 to 51520760116 Login / Registration
 C-2, straight5 to 815207602-Login / Registration
 C-3, straight8 to 1015207603-Login / Registration
 Y-1, Y-shape3 to 515207611-Login / Registration
 Y-2, Y-shape5 to 815207612-Login / Registration
 Y-3, Y-shape8 to 1015207613-Login / Registration
 T-1, T-shape3 to 515207621-Login / Registration
 T-2, T-shape5 to 815207622-Login / Registration
 T-3, T-shape8 to 1015207623-Login / Registration
 D-1, adapter3 to 5 / 5 to 815207631-Login / Registration
 D-2, adapter5 to 8 / 8 to 1315207632-Login / Registration