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DURACAL pH Buffer Solutions

A patented procedure guarantees precision for five years even with alkaline pH buffer solutions. The otherwise frequent calibration errors can be avoided. The commonly-used buffers pH 4.01, 7.00, 9.21 and 10.01 are tested and certified by a laboratory accredited by PTB for pH measurement (DKD-K-06901). They can be used as 'Certified Reference Materials' (CRM).
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DURACAL buffer solution4.0125015041914-on demand
DURACAL buffer solution4.0150015041915-on demand
DURACAL buffer solution7.0025015041916-on demand
DURACAL buffer solution7.0050015041917-on demand
DURACAL buffer solution9.21250150419185 on demand
 DURACAL buffer solution - set4 / 7 / 10each 500350419193 on demand