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Microlitre Syringes, Series 7000

Operate according to the positive displacement principle, without dead-volume. A fine, tungsten plunger extends through the whole length of the syringe to the end of the needle. Individual components are interchangeable.
  • Length of needle: 69.9 mm.
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 Microlitre syringe0.57000.5 KH3 (90°)15221126-Login / Registration
 Microlitre syringe1.07001 KH2 (12°)152211211 Login / Registration
 Microlitre syringe1.07101KH3 (90°)15221131-Login / Registration
 Microlitre syringe2.07002 KH2 (12°)15221122-Login / Registration
 Microlitre syringe2.07102 KH3 (90°)152211324 Login / Registration
 Microlitre syringe5.07005 KH2 (12°)15221125-Login / Registration