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Corning® and Costar® Cell Culture Flasks

  • Made of optically clear virgin PS.
  • Treated for optimal cell attachment.
  • Printed with lot numbers for ease in traceability.
  • 100 % integrity tested.
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation.
  • Certified nonpyrogenic.
  • Plug seal caps for use in closed systems, providing a liquid- and gas-tight seal.
  • Phenolic style caps for use in open systems requiring gas exchange.
  • Vent caps with a 0.2 µm nonwettable membrane, providing consistent, sterile gas exchange while minimising the risk of contamination.
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25rectangularinclinedplug seal cap500CORN430168- Login / Registration
25rectangularinclinedphenolic style cap500CORN430372- Login / Registration
25rectangularinclinedvent cap200CORN4306395  Login / Registration
 25triangularangledphenolic style cap500CORN3055- Login / Registration
25triangularangledvent cap200CORN3056- Login / Registration
 75U-designinclinedplug seal cap100CORN430720U- Login / Registration
 75U-designinclinedphenolic style cap100CORN430725U- Login / Registration
 75U-designinclinedvent cap100CORN430641U50  Login / Registration
 150rectangularinclinedplug seal cap50CORN430823- Login / Registration
 150rectangularinclinedphenolic style cap50CORN430824- Login / Registration
 150rectangularinclinedvent cap50CORN430825- Login / Registration
 175rectangularangledplug seal cap50CORN431079- Login / Registration
 175rectangularangledphenolic style cap50CORN431085- Login / Registration
 175rectangularangledvent cap50CORN431080- Login / Registration
 225rectangularangledplug seal cap25CORN431081- Login / Registration
 225rectangularangledvent cap25CORN431082- Login / Registration