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Temperature-controlled shaking.


Ideal for mixing at extremely high speed rates of samples in test tubes, Eppendorf tubes, vials and similar vessels of different Ø and lengths. The ridged mixing orbit yields consistent results and is suitable for product dissolution.

Reax top - the standard model:
  • Strong 5 mm vibration orbit, yields very good results even with high viscosity media or solids out of solution and quickly gives a smooth and even dispersion.
  • Continuous mode adjustable.
  • Automatic mode: unit will start once a vessel is pressed to the plate and will stop automatically once this pressure is released.
  • Fast and dependable mixing results due to high vibration frequency rates up to 2500 min-1.
  • Incl. plate for 20 mm Ø test tubes.

Reax control - the accurate model:
Incl. all Reax top features, plus:
  • Analog dial speed control with accurate rpm numbers setting.
  • Improve results with the electronic speed control that provides constant rpm output even at very low speed and under changing loads.

Multi Reax - the all purpose model:
  • Incl. plate for 20 mm Ø test tubes.
  • Shaker to accommodate up to 26 vessels with various Ø.
  • Incl. attachment for 26 vessels with Ø from 10 to 16 mm and for 12 vessels with Ø from 16 to 32 mm.
  • Digital process timer allows for unattended operation and can be set from 1 to 999 min. When the set time has elapsed, an acoustic alarm will sound and operation stops.
  • Variable speeds of 150 to 2000 min-1 can be set and continuously adjusted on the digital display.
  • 3 mm vibration orbit accomplishes excellent results especially in large vessels. The Multi Reax allows for ridged to smooth dispersion of viscous media and solids.
  • Allows for ridged to smooth dispersion of viscous media and solids.
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Test tube tray for flasks up to 50 mm Ø is available on request.
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