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pipetus® standard Pipetting Filler

The electrical pipette filler, proven for more than 20 years. Ideal and inexpensive for stationary use. Safe, exact and many-sided. The separation of the handle and the pump makes the handle extremely convenient and light-weighted. For all common pipettes from 0.1 up to 200 ml. Correct pipetting is possible with both, blow-out and TD-calibrated pipettes. The max. pipetting speed is set directly at the pump. The operation is controlled with the IN- respectively OUT-knob and the intensity of the pressure on the knobs finally determines the actual pump speed. The built-in safety valve offers protection against accidental over-filling and avoids liquid coming into the handle.

Items supplied:
pipetus® standard complete with electric pump, 2 filters, 1 safety valve extra.
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 pipetus® standard, 230 V15287810-Login / Registration
 pipetus® standard, 230 V, with filter on pump15287812-Login / Registration
 Pipette holder, complete15283971-Login / Registration
 Round filter set5528396527 Login / Registration
 Spare silicone adapter152839614 Login / Registration
 Spare safety valve1528396224 Login / Registration
 Microfibre-filter set55287821-Login / Registration
Filter set, individually packed in sterile packing55429964-Login / Registration