Dräger Safety 

Full Face Masks X-plore® 6000 Series

The X-plore® 6000 series meet the highest demands for protection and comfort and conform to EN 136. The appropriate Dräger filter range offers the best possible protection for almost every hazardous substance. The filters feature optimum breathing resistance, size and performance and are 100 % quality tested for max. user safety.
  • Double layer face seal for a leak-tight, secure yet comfortable fit.
  • Large vision field, including peripheral areas.
  • Intelligent ventilation system for a fog-free visor.
  • Standardised thread connection RA (EN 148-1).
  • Universal filter range for virtually all hazardous substances.
  • Full range of accessories.

X-plore® 6300:
  • EN 136, class 2.

X-plore® 6570:
  • To meet highest requirements, made of skinfriendly silicone, visor made of impact-resistant PC. EN 136, class 3.
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 X-plore® 6570 SI / PC15424464-Login / Registration
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 Particle filter 680 P315424466-Login / Registration
 Gas filter 900 A215424467-Login / Registration
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 Combination filter 620 A2-P315424469-Login / Registration
 Combination filter 620 A2B2-P315424470-Login / Registration
 Combination filter 900 A2B2E2K1-P215005497-Login / Registration
 Wikov mask box for storage of the mask15005496-Login / Registration
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 Antimist agent gel 'klar-pilot' 50 ml15424472-Login / Registration
Wide selection of filters available on request!