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Dräger Safety 

Chips for CMS Analyzer

One chip allows 10 measurements.
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 Ammonia2 to 5015620521-Login / Registration
 Chlorine0.2 to 1015620526-Login / Registration
 Formaldehyde0.2 to 515620527-Login / Registration
 Carbon dioxide1000 to 2500015620528-Login / Registration
 Carbon monoxide5 to 15015620529-Login / Registration
 Nitrous fumes0.5 to 1515620530-Login / Registration
 Perchloroethylene5 to 15015620531-Login / Registration
 Hydrochloric acid20 to 50015620533-Login / Registration
 Sulfur dioxide0.4 to 1015620534-Login / Registration
 Hydrogen sulphide2 to 5015620535-Login / Registration
 Toluene10 to 30015620536-Login / Registration
 Trichloroethylene5 to 10015620537-Login / Registration
 Training-chip (simulation) 15620538-Login / Registration