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WYPALL* L 40 / WYPALL* L30 Ultra+ Wipes - Large Roll

Voluminous wipes with outstanding absorption capacity and high ultimate tensile strength in wet condition. Absorbing large liquid quantities. Suitable for nearly all surfaces.

WYPALL* L40 Wipes white
  • Cellulose / latex-mixture.
  • Perforated, white, 1 ply.

WYPALL* L30 Ultra+ Wipes blue
  • Made of highly absorbent AIRFLEX* material.
  • Perforated, blue, 3-ply.
  • More resistant than a conventional 3-ply wipe.
  • They are ideal for demanding cleaning tasks like wiping spilled liquids in the industry or cleaning workpieces and components.
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WYPALL* L40white315 x 340roll of 950 wipes15413095-Login / Registration
WYPALL* L30 Ultra+blue235 x 380roll of 750 wipes1542885910 Login / Registration
WYPALL* L30 Ultra+blue330 x 380roll of 750 wipes15413046-Login / Registration