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Eppendorf Forensic DNA GradeEppendorf Quality

Safe-Lock Micro Test Tubes

Safe-Lock Micro Test Tubes  Eppendorf
Safe-Lock Micro Test Tubes Eppendorf
  • A small hook on the patented hinged lid clips around the rim of the test tube and prevents the vessel from opening accidentally (e. g. during heating).
  • Tubes can be autoclaved when open (121 °C, 20 min).
  • Can be opened and closed easily using one hand.
  • Frosted writing surface.
  • Excellent mechanical stability during centrifugation.
  • Graduation scale.
  • A needle placed through the thin membrane in the middle of the lid allows the aerosol-free removal of biohazardous substances.
  • Safe-lock tubes (0.5 and 1.5 ml only) are rated up to 30000 x g, resp. up to 25000 x g (2.0 ml).
  • Forensic DNA Grade acc. to ISO 18385.
ColourPurity gradeOrder No.PU Availability
 0.5colourlessEppendorf Quality™5409320500Login / Registration156
 0.5yellowEppendorf Quality™5409354500Login / Registration-
 0.5redEppendorf Quality™5409355500Login / Registration-
 0.5blueEppendorf Quality™5409352500Login / Registration-
 0.5greenEppendorf Quality™5409353500Login / Registration-
 0.5amber-light protectionPCR clean5409356500Login / Registration12
 0.5assortment of coloursEppendorf Quality™5409360500Login / Registration-
 1.5yellowEppendorf Quality™54093321000Login / Registration-
 1.5redEppendorf Quality™54093331000Login / Registration3
 1.5blueEppendorf Quality™54093341000Login / Registration7
 1.5greenEppendorf Quality™54093351000Login / Registration3
 1.5amber-light protectionPCR clean54093361000Login / Registration12
 1.5assortment of coloursEppendorf Quality™54093401000Login / Registration5
 1.5colourlessEppendorf Quality™54093311000Login / Registration645
 2.0redEppendorf Quality™54093431000Login / Registration-
 2.0blueEppendorf Quality™54093441000Login / Registration-
 2.0greenEppendorf Quality™54093451000Login / Registration1
 2.0amber-light protectionPCR clean54093461000Login / Registration3
 2.0assortment of coloursEppendorf Quality™54093501000Login / Registration2
 2.0colourlessEppendorf Quality™54093411000Login / Registration175
 2.0yellowEppendorf Quality54093421000Login / Registration-
 0.5colourlessForensic DNA Grade5444553500Login / Registration-
 1.5colourlessForensic DNA Grade5444554500Login / Registration-
 2.0colourlessForensic DNA Grade5444555500Login / Registration-
Assortment of colours: yellow, red, blue, green, colourless.