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Multipette® plus

Multipette® plus  Eppendorf
Multipette® plus Eppendorf
A hand-held manual dispenser, ideal for process acceleration and saving time on long-series pipetting. Increased volume selection provides outstanding flexibility and exceptional support for research tasks. Smooth handling reduces hand fatigue associated with repetitive work.

Combitips plus® tips easily attach to the Multipette® plus; they are recognised by the dispenserás built-in sensor and the volume appears automatically in the display. All time-consuming volume calculations and incorrect dispensing volumes are completely eliminated. The 9 sizes of Combitips® allow a wider dispensing range of up to 112 different volumes. The unique advantage of dispensing 100 x 250 µl without stopping for a refill is provided.

Combitips plus® tips function acc. to the positive displacement principle, which ensures that the correct volume is dispensed regardless of the density or viscosity of the liquid used. The positive displacement system provides safer dispensing of radioactive and toxic substances, as well as solutions with high vapour pressure. No aerosols are formed and Combitips plus® tips can simply be ejected and disposed of after use.
  • Easy to read: automatic Combitips® recognition with electronic volume display.
  • Easy volume setting.
  • More flexibility with 112 different volumes from 1 µl to 10 ml.
  • Up to 100 dispensings per filling for easy processing of long series.
  • Versatile, even for 'uneven' volumes (e. g. 1, 3 or 17 µl).
  • Safe, due to easy Combitips® attachment and ejection.
  • IvD conformity.
  • Two-year warranty.
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