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Accessories for Varipette® 4720

  • Varitips® P for aspirating 1 to 10 ml from beakers using a positive displacement technique.
  • Varitips® S for aspirating 2.5 to 10 ml from tall, narrow-mouth vessels using a positive displacement technique.
  • No carryover as Varitips are exchanged.
  • Valve for Varitip ensures drip-free dispensing of liquids with a high vapour pressure.
  • Graduated Maxitip G for compensating the nominal value of Varipette®.
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 Varitips® P tips5283403100 Login / Registration1
 Varitips® S starter kit 100 maxitips, 10 dosing parts + valves5283402102 Login / Registration-
 Dispensing part for Varitips® S tips528332430 Login / Registration1
 Maxitip for Varitips® S tips5283325200 Login / Registration15
 Valve for Varitips® S tips5283326100 Login / Registration-
 Wall holder for Varipette® 472054234801Login / Registration-