2- / 3-Way Valves

  • PVDF. Transparent. Good chemical resistance, suited for foodstuffs.
  • PP / PE. Red / white. For industrial use.
  • Max. pressure resistance 1 bar.
 DescriptionFor tubing
inside Ø
Bore of
PUOrder No.in Stock 
2-way valve, PP / PE5 to 7415116781-Login / Registration
2-way valve, PP / PE7 to 9615116782-Login / Registration
2-way valve, PP / PE9 to 11815116788-Login / Registration
2-way valve, PP / PE11 to 13815422100-Login / Registration
 2-way valve, PVDF5 to 7415116771-Login / Registration
 2-way valve, PVDF7 to 9615116772-Login / Registration
 2-way valve, PVDF9 to 11815116775-Login / Registration
 2-way valve, PVDF11 to 13815429364-Login / Registration
3-way valve, PP / PE5 to 7415116786-Login / Registration
3-way valve, PP / PE7 to 96151167876 Login / Registration
3-way valve, PP / PE9 to 11815116773-Login / Registration
 3-way valve, PP / PE11 to 13815429365-Login / Registration
 3-way valve, PVDF5 to 7415116776-Login / Registration
 3-way valve, PVDF7 to 9615116777-Login / Registration
 3-way valve, PVDF9 to 11815116778-Login / Registration
 3-way valve, PVDF11 to 13815429366-Login / Registration