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Glutathione Superflows

Premium Glutathione Superflow Resin enables rapid one-step purification of glutathione S-transferase-tagged proteins from bacteria, yeast, insect and mammalian cultures. It is particularly useful for increasing the solubility and yields of expressed proteins. Typical binding capacity is 10 mg recombinant GST-tagged protein/ml resin at a flow rate up to 120-140 psi. Elute under mild conditions using low concentration of reduced glutathione. Single step removal of GST tag can be undertaken on-column or in solution after elution using typical site-specific proteases. The Glutathione Superflow is a premium and affordable resin for highly reproducible preparative purification of GST-tagged proteins and GST pull downs. Use it in batch mode, with gravity flow or spin columns and with LC-driven pumps. ? Optimized for high-performance purification of GST-tagged proteins ? Negligible ligand leakage ? Typical binding capacity of 10 mg/ml resin ? High flow rates up to 120 - 140 PSI ? Compatible with a wide range of reducing agents, denaturants etc. ? Mild elution of GST-tagged proteins with reduced glutathione
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