GelScan 6.0 1 D Analysis Software

1D analysis software for¦ Expression Analysis:The expression modul allows to compare expression patterns of different gels, to investigate the presence or abscence of bands in protein or DNA gels.¦ Determination of Molecular Weight/pI value:The analysis of molecular weight (MW) or isoelectric point (pI) of different species separated in a gel is carried out easily by comparison bands in adjacent lanes. Even oblique running gels can be analyzed. User-defined marks can be edited and calibrated.¦ Quantification:The quantity of proteins or DNA in bands could be easily determined by comparison of density values with a standard curve calculated by using protein or DNA quantity standards.Other main features are:¦ automatic band detection¦ individual edition of bands¦ automatic and manual background substraction¦ gel management tool¦ GLP-conformity, read-out of embedded tiff-tags¦ database for images, projects and results¦ automatic backup of all data¦ export into MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint¦ 2 years free update, free of charge (online registration)¦ full demo version available, free of charge¦ RFLP, cluster and HTS analysis available, please ask.¦ inlcudes GelScript for easy inscription of images Lager