CEEXO 2006 Cell Explorer Software

CEEXO2006- the standard version of CellExplorers 2006 has chiefly been developed to count and measure microscopic objects. Macro-similar functions guarantee a high counting throughput and a comfortable level of automation. The CEEXO2006 counts and sorts objects of various colours. The automatic distinction of various shapes is a particularly innovative feature. Round shapes (undifferentiated cells) can, for instance, be automatically distinguished from oval forms (differentiated cells). Objects lying adjacent to each other are automatically separated and counted by the software. CEEXO2006 - is characterised by the fact that it is extremely user-friendly. The software was ''developed by scientists for scientists''. CellExplorer reads all current image formats. The CEEXO2006 controls scanners and cameras with a ''twain-compatible'' interface. CEEXO2006 - comprises complex image processing. The standard equipment has over 30 different filters. Sharpness, incorrect colours, colour intensification, searching margins, fluorescence separation and background separation are just some of the many tools available.
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