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close-it® / close-it® Food Control Seal

Quality control is easy with the close-it® control seal. In contrast to normal labels, close-it® adheres well to sacks that are coated with powder (plaster, flour etc.). close-it® is a self-adhesive seal (aluminium backing), which adheres very firmly. Sacks, cartons etc. which have been pierced and sampled by powder-proof (or other samplers) can be hermetically re-sealed with close-it® control seal. The seal can be labelled with pen, pencil or felt-tip pen.
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 Control seal, foodprintedred95 x 95500542379711 Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedyellow95 x 955005431931-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedblue95 x 955005431932-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedgreen95 x 955005431933-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedblack95 x 955005431934-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodunprintedwhite95 x 9550054237983 Login / Registration
 Control sealprintedred95 x 9550053039102 Login / Registration
 Control sealprintedgreen95 x 955005303911-Login / Registration
 Control sealprintedyellow95 x 955005303912-Login / Registration
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 Control sealprintedblack95 x 955005303914-Login / Registration
 Control sealunprintedwhite95 x 955005303915-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedred150 x 1502505423799-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodunprintedwhite150 x 1502505423800-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedyellow150 x 1502505431935-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedblue150 x 1502505431936-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedgreen150 x 1502505431937-Login / Registration
 Control seal, foodprintedblack150 x 1502505431938-Login / Registration
 Control sealprintedred150 x 1502505303980-Login / Registration
 Control sealprintedgreen150 x 1502505303981-Login / Registration
 Control sealprintedyellow150 x 1502505303982-Login / Registration
 Control sealprintedblue150 x 1502505303983-Login / Registration
 Control sealprintedblack150 x 1502505303984-Login / Registration
 Control sealunprintedwhite150 x 150250530398510 Login / Registration
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