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Wide Mouth Bottles, Series 310, White

Wide Mouth Bottles, Series 310, White  KAUTEX
Wide Mouth Bottles, Series 310, White KAUTEX
The Kautex wide mouth bottles have a UN-X Certification for solids and are suitable for the transport of dangerous powders / solids. The wide neck opening means that the bottles are easy to fill and clean.
  • Square cross-section with recessed field for individual marking and labeling.
  • 3 different types of closures are available
  • Use of tamper evident ring closures possible, increasing safety.
  • Ideal for pastes and granules, as well as for non-dangerous liquids.
  • The bottles are made of food-grade PEHD (Declaration of conformity available upon demand).
  • Square, without screw cap.

Field of application:
Packaging, sending samples, transport, storage.
Dimension cross
section body
Neck inner Ø
outside Ø
(without cap)
Order No.PU Availability
 5036 x 3621.42888.550728791Login / Registration814
 10045 x 45243210150728801Login / Registration138
 25059 x 593545129.550728811Login / Registration180
 50075 x 7542.55416250728821Login / Registration23
 75083 x 8342.55418850728831Login / Registration29
 100085 x 8542.55421450728841Login / Registration39
 1500108 x 10868.58020950728851Login / Registration25
 2500122 x 12268.58026050728861Login / Registration16
 4000142 x 14268.58029450728871Login / Registration8
For screw caps please see Order No. 5072891 to 5072903.
Screw caps / KAUTEX