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Illuminated Magnifiers system varioPLUS

  • Magnifier heads are fitted with an adjustable reading line which improves orientation on the text.
  • All lenses are aspherical PXM® light-weight lenses coated on both sides with cera-tec® hard coating.
  • Closed magnifier heads offer optimum light efficiency and extremely even light distribution.

Battery handle
  • For 2 batteries ("baby" type) or 2 rechargeable batteries.
  • Light: spherical filament lamp 2.5 V, 250 mA.

Battery handle, LED
  • Comfortable battery handle with innovative LED illumination.
  • Holds 2 batteries ("baby" type) or 2 rechargeable batteries.
  • Illumination: 2 high-contrast, white LEDs, 123 mA.
  • Attachable filters provide a choice of 3 different colours of light; with step-up converter.
  • LEDs have an unlimited service life and do not require changing.
 DescriptionLens sizedptMagnificationPUOrder No.in Stock 
With battery handle80 mm12.03.0 x15151156-Login / Registration
With battery handle, LED80 mm12.03.0 x15151157-Login / Registration
Spare magnifier head80 mm12.03.0 x15151150-Login / Registration