FLUKA 92360

Chlorotrimethylsilane<br>FLUKA 92360

CAS-No: 75-77-4
Gross Weight: 246G
Net Weight: 85,6G
Volume: 100ML
Density: 0,856
Melting Point: -40 C(lit.)
Boiling Point: 57 C(lit.)
Flash Point: -18
Molecular Weight: 108,64
Linear Formula: (CH3)3SiCl
Molecular Formula: C3H9ClSi

HS-No: 29319090990
R-Phrases: 11-14-20/21-35-37
S-Phrases: 7/9-16-26-36/37/39-45
Hazard Symbols: F, C (Highly flammable, Corrosive)

GHS SignalWords: Danger

HazardCodes: H225-H312-H314-H331-H335

Precaution Statements: P210-P261-P280-P305 + P351 + P338-P310

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FLUKA 92360

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